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1 year to
celebrate 100 years!

January 11 2023, one year before the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the pontifical approval of the Teresian Association, we launched One year to celebrate 100 years! We gazed at the events and the people who, in 1923, were leading the adventure of leaving the Spanish context where Poveda's work and begin to open new ways.


We share here the presentations of the launching day in which we were accompanied by the President of the Association, Maite Uribe; Mª Dolores Peralta, member of the Governing Council and person in charge of the Centenary team; Consuelo Flecha, Director of the Chair of TA History; Carmen Rita García, Director of the Critical Edition of the writings of Pedro Poveda; Alicia Fernández, designer of the logo and of this website. The commission ad hoc for the Centenary relied on the Information Department of the TA to produce the video about the World's and Spain’s situation around 1923. Carmen Fernández Aguinaco and May Neri, helped with translations into English.

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